The one thing you should do if you think you are an Alcoholic...

Updated: May 8

Even though I work in the private health care sector specialising in helping Alcoholics overcome their addiction, the first thing I advise anyone who contacts me to do is to call a very special phone number. At the other end of the line is all the help, support, and knowledge they could ever need to recover from Alcoholism for the rest of their life. The prospective client will have at their disposal 24-hour support, advice, and all the education they would ever need in dealing with Alcoholism. They can even get their own specialist Counsellor/Mentor and it will all be freely given. They can attend daily group support meetings three times a day in some instances, seven days a week anywhere in the world and it is all free.

On top of that, the prospective client if they should wish, embark on a recovery programme with their own Tutor who is an expert on the treatment and eventual recovery of Alcoholism. This programme has helped hundreds of thousands of people recover from the crippling disease of Alcoholism. The name of this fantastic organisation? Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

And the number to call is 0800 9177 650.

I want to make crystal clear that I have no affiliation with Alcoholics Anonymous or receive any commission from AA. It's just that I have personally witnessed many, many people recover from Alcoholism and then go onto lead fantastic lives all due to attending AA meetings on a regular basis.

Now, AA is not for everyone as it takes a lot of commitment and a strong desire to stop drinking Alcohol but before I enroll any new client for treatment of Alcoholism using Hypnotherapy and NLP, I owe it to them and my conscious that they at least are aware and hopefully try out AA first and give it their best shot because for many people AA is all they need to overcome and recover from Alcoholism and it is freely given. Only when I have made my client aware that AA exists and that it works but they still feel it's not how they want to proceed for whatever reason, will then I enroll them onto my programme dealing with treatment and recovery of Alcoholism using a blend of Addiction Counselling, Hypnotherapy and NLP based here in Edinburgh, UK.

My approach is heavily influenced by Richard Gray's fantastic Brooklyn Program which is used in the treatment of substance abuse for people undergoing Probation supervision in East New York, New York. The Brooklyn Program uses primarily NLP as it's main protocols and it is getting a lot of success. Richard Gray Ph.D., in my opinion, is at the cutting edge of the continuing development of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) as for the Probation Department of East New York to adopt his Brooklyn Program the evidence and research has to be robust. I have been given Richard's permission to use the Brooklyn Program here in Edinburgh, UK which I am very excited about and am already using it to good effect working with people suffering from not just Alcoholism but Cocaine, Gambling, food, and my speciality Snus chewing tobacco.

Andy MacArthur runs a Hypnotherapy Edinburgh and NLP Clinic, Scotland UK specialising mainly in the treatment of Addiction, pain, and anxiety.


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