"Put simply; working with Andy through was life-changing. Despite some apparent successes in my life, self-limiting beliefs which had followed me since childhood continued to tell me that these successes were nothing but luck. By telling myself that I wasn’t good enough – by arguing for these limitations – I wasn’t good enough. Until I silenced the voice inside that confirmed this on a daily basis, I would never be able to unlock my true potential.


A the beginning of 2015 I had two sessions with Andy. It is August 2015 at the time of writing and I can honestly say that I feel like an entirely different person. What sets Andy apart from others is that he genuinely cares about his patients. Where he could spend time unearthing some deep founded issues which could be exploited over an extended number of sessions, he found the root of my insecurities and equipped me with tools to effectively help myself. If I was to give a single piece of advice it would be that used regularly, the tools Andy provides WILL  work and you Will see genuine results.


Reflecting back to a few months ago, my self-confidence has been almost entirely rebuilt and I will continue to use the NLP that Andy taught me to maintain and develop the results I’ve seen. Andy enabled me to do that for myself.


I really owe a lot to you, Mr MacArthur! Keep changing lives!!

Always in your debt.

Steven Jeans
Director of Survey and Design, Aura Survey and Design

"I find this hard, putting into words, as I don’t think I could possibly write anything that would do justice to Andy MacArthur or what he has done for me.

I have struggled with depression for around 15 years and saw a number of Specialists during this time; none of whom have come close to helping me in the way Andy has, nor with such astounding results. Andy is an inspiration and I will forever be in his debt."


Micheal Gerstenberger


"Andy MacArthur gave me some advice in July 2013 that directly resulted in increased income and also helped my golf game. Having had my best month of my career at 9 Dots in June 2013, I was of the mentality that the following month would not be as good. Andy pointed out to me that this was simply a ” Limiting Belief” (i.e. that I was convincing myself that I could not keep up my business results due to an incorrect belief that a good month should be followed by a poor month). Andy suggested logic would determine that I should have another great month, as my confidence was high and I was doing the right things at work. In the end, I ended up having another superb month, after changing my mindset. Essentially this one idea earned me several hundred pounds.


Not only was the advice useful for business, but it was also transferable to sport! I met Andy on Tuesday and the Saturday before I had scored my best round of golf in 2013. When discussing limiting beliefs with Andy I realised that I was mentally preparing to have a worse round when I was due to play on Wednesday evening. In reality, it made sense that I would have another good round and sure enough that’s what happened! For the first time that I can remember, I got my handicap cut 2 rounds in a row!"

Thanks Andy

Alisdair Marshall

"I first approached Andy to help me deal with my inability to form long-lasting relationships. Andy quickly identified the root cause of my problem to be very low self-esteem. Together, we worked through my limiting beliefs. I was initially sceptical but can happily say my turnaround was remarkable. In a matter of weeks, I became infinitely more confident. I began to feel in control, relaxed and no longer viewed rejection as a reflection on my value. I could not have achieved such a relaxed inner state and understanding of myself without Andy’s help. It’s amazing how much easier my life has become. Andy is a very skilled practitioner and is great at explaining his method behind his sessions along with making his clients feel understood."


Colin McKay

"I heartily recommend Andy to anyone who feels they want to achieve more in life and require the first step to reach that goal."


Colin MacDonald


"I first came to see Andy because I wanted to grapple with a weight problem I had had on and off for most of my life – I had used NLP before to great effect and I thought it might just be the thing that made a difference. What I learned very quickly (after one session to be honest!) was that the food issues I had were just a response to bigger things going on in my mind and life transformed from there, as did my weight. Except I wasn't focusing on my weight at all, just on getting everything else back on track…without even trying really. As a professional leader, I come across so many people whose stress manifests in all kinds of ways – weight, smoking, relationship issues, confidence – you name it, we all have something going on and the outward signs are easy to see. I have no idea how to fix this stuff, but I know someone who does! I love to recommend people to Andy, no matter what is troubling them, because I know he’ll have some techniques up his sleeve, which, for that person, will really make a difference. And for me, well, I get happier colleagues or team members or even friends, which results in better performance, an openness to trying new things and generally a lot more laughter around me. Oh, and I get to wear size 12 clothes too…which makes me smile every day! I can’t put a price on that."


Danielle Macleod
Director, Fife

"Hi Andy, I drove over the Forth Bridge about 20 times last night and again this morning in daylight, all by myself, that’s fantastic.I’ll keep practising. I’ve found that if I press my hand on my left shoulder I instantly feel relaxed, is that meant to happen? Either way, it’s good!"


Katherine Marshall

"Andy, thanks for yesterday, very interesting and also good fun- the alphabet game is a great workout! Still feeling so confident."


Grant McBain for  height phobia

Company Director, Inverness

"Just wanted to drop a note to thank you for a great session on Wed night and for helping me tackle my chocolate addiction. I haven.t touched the stuff since and feel better already."


Maureen Barrie
Director, Fiffe

"Beautiful Mind is who you are. You are a delight to be around."


Dawn Flockhart
Director, Brain Train Academy, Bathgate

"Hi Andy, it went really well! Stuck to the plan and it worked, no no gas and air! Even had a few teeth polished."


Jo Ward
Glasgow - Dental Phobic

"Last week, I let bad thoughts influence major decisions. This was making me very depressed and unhappy. To rectify this, I asked Andy if he could help and just like Mae West he said, come up and see me.

In just one session last week this man helped me to focus on the future and not dwell on the past. The turn around on my way of thinking was simply breathtaking.

I would recommend to anyone who has major decisions impaired by personal thoughts, book a session with this man, Andy MacArthur."


Derek Paton
Barnton, Edinburgh

"Dear Andy
I would like to thank you for your highly professional work in helping me to resolve personal issues over the past year. You were able to very quickly identify what needed to be done and to implement these measures. The benefits arising out of all this have left me with a real spring in my step and clarity in my goals and aspirations. One hour of your time is worth its weight in gold!

I would have no hesitation in recommending you in the future and thank you for your hard work."


Thomas Haywood

"Andy’s enthusiasm is contagious and you can’t but help but warm to the man."

Michael Henderson




"Andy was very welcoming and a joy to speak to."


Kate Heriot
Howgate, Midlothian

"Fantastic! Lovely positive vibe from Andy."

Ally Townsley
West Lothian


Stewart McKirdy
SM Printing, Edinburgh

"The result was unbelievable. I have been set free and feel incredible. Beautiful Mind has given me my life back and people have commented on how I have changed."

Ali Heaton

"I would thoroughly recommend Beautiful Mind to anyone as it provides you with the tools to move your life forward in a positive way.

Just over an hour with you changed my life forever!!"


J.K for Stress and Anxiety

"After one session, I stopped smoking. What is even better is that I have no desire to smoke.  I feel like a non-smoker rather than an ex-smoker."


Murray Jack

"I am writing this letter of recommendation in connection to a recent session I had with Andy. Due to work constraints, the business was starting to overwhelm me. I had started to have chest pains and a lot of anxiety. The knock-on effect was I felt I could not concentrate on keeping the business going in the right direction and seriously felt like giving up. It was clear something had to change or I would not be writing this letter. I called Andy and set up an appointment, at first I felt silly, however, I was willing to try anything. After an hours session, I came out feeling more relaxed and focused than I had been in years. The business is still under a lot of pressure, however, I feel that I can cope and know that there will be light at the end of the trams!

I would recommend Andy to anyone and have a session and see the difference yourself. I wish Andy MacArthur and Beautiful Mind all the best for the future. If anyone wants more information on my experience please feel free to email me at grahamblaikie@me.com"

Graham Blaikie
Owner, Mercat Bar, Whitecraigs, East Lothian

"Dear Andy

I just wanted to thank you for your remarkable help with relaxation techniques. I am naturally quite tense and I get stressed which affects my health and sense of well being. In the space of an hour, you had given me three simple techniques that I could use any time and in any situation.

I have been practising these for the past week and not only do I feel more relaxed, but I am also able to concentrate better and best of all , my golf swing is great!

Your sensitive and knowledgeable approach makes what you do very accessible and the techniques are easy to adopt.

Thank you again and I will not hesitate to recommend you."

Kind Regards

Richard Thomson
TW Associates, Edinburgh

"I am now planning a wee trip to Jersey. My husband can’t believe the change in me as I had to drag him to the pub on Friday for a few drinks. Think he might be after your blood – no more quiet life for him! I owe all this to you, Andy. I had seen so many people that I thought could help me. Everything you did and said was so clear and made so much sense. You explained to me in such a short time, as to all the years I had seen “experts” and had made no sense at all. I will forever be in your debt. I know you say it is all down to me but I think if you don’t find the right person then that will put you off the therapy anyway. I wish I had met you sooner but you have said leave what is in the past, there. You can’t do anything to fix it now. I am always happy to sing your praises to whomever you need. I have made such a fast recovery in such a short time and it is all down to you.

Forever in your debt."

Mary Costelloe

"As soon as we let go of our scepticism and allowed Andy’s influence things started changing for the better. Andy combines vast knowledge in NLP, Linguistics, Psychology, Hypnosis etc, with huge heart empathy and sensitive intuition and helps create new possibilities and solutions to what we used to perceive as problems. From language and behaviour profiling, NLP applications in sales negotiations and work contexts, brainstorming for new website content, social media to personal development and “getting into the zone”.

Andy’s magic works and he brings out the magic in us.

Kind Regards."

Kasia Kidd and Ewa Walker
Directors, Pol-UK Recruitment Ltd

"I would like to thank Andy for helping my daughter. She was due to sit her exams and we noticed she was becoming very quiet and withdrawn. We sat down to talk to her and discovered that she had become very nervous about her forthcoming exams. She had got it into her head that she couldn’t pass them. I approached Andy MacArthur to see if he could help in any way and without any hesitation, he asked me to bring her along to see him. His friendliness and approach when meeting my daughter and myself put her at ease and after teaching her some techniques and exercises, she was then able to enter her exams in a much better frame of mind. I would highly recommend Andy MacArthur to you, your friends or colleagues with any confidence issues, life issues or anything else that is getting in the way of you enjoying life.


Thank you again, Andy, for all your help."

Mike Gilhooley
Kevin Murphy

"I first approached Andy to help me deal with my inability to form long-lasting relationships. Andy quickly identified the root cause of my problem to be very low self-esteem. Together we worked through my limiting beliefs. I was initially sceptical but can happily say my turnaround was remarkable. In a matter of weeks, I became infinitely more confident. I began to feel in control, relaxed and no longer viewed rejection as a reflection on my value. I could not have achieved such a relaxed inner state and understanding of myself without Andy’s help. It’s amazing how much easier my life has become. Andy is a very skilled Practitioner and is great at explaining his methodology behind his sessions along with making his client feel understood. I highly recommend Andy to anyone who feels they can achieve more in life and require a first step towards that goal."

Kevin Murphy

"I was initially referred to Andy through my work. I had three sessions with him and the transformation in me is fabulous. Andy, you have been the Instrument that has helped change me back to the old me. You have given me back my zest for life and most importantly at long last. I am at peace with myself. I am losing weight/inches and thriving on my new lifestyle, all thanks to you and your wonderful techniques. Coming from a cynic like me, this is a huge compliment. I always remember that right from the start you said it was not about having willpower, but about my intent to do this. I am now a determined Lady and I now actually believe I can do this. Thank you!"

Fiona Pearson
Colinton, Edinburgh

"I started smoking (not many) when I was about 14. How cool we all thought it was. As I got older I smoked more; my sister and brothers both smoked so why not me? As I got older I tried cocktail ciggies, they were so cool smoking them, all the different colours. Then I progressed to more cigarettes, they were even cooler and I felt like a movie star smoking them. How naive I was. As the years went by I was hooked and eventually went onto a brand that I liked. When I was younger and at nightclubs, I used to say to my friend “he’s lovely” however I wouldn’t get chatted up. After a while, I realised that 7 out of 10 guys didn’t like girls smoking. at the end, who wants to kiss an ashtray. I have smoked for 40 years and its pathetic. My dentist told me to stop, other people told me to stop but I just wouldn’t listen. I thought I knew it all and how very wrong I was. I did try to stop on many different occasions. I read Alan Carr’s nook twice, went to the GP and got tapes. It all worked but only for a short time.

I had a really bad cough at Xmas and it took forever to go away. I knew it wasn’t just a bad cough; it was because I smoked. I went to my GP who in turn sent me for an x-ray when it came back to the GP said I should stop smoking as it could be COPD. I nearly fell off the chair and knew right away that I had to do something drastic. I racked my brains, but knew what I wanted.


I found Andy after searching the internet and after reading all about him I decided to get in touch. I phoned Andy who made me feel comfortable and it was just fabulous talking to him. He took me on but only if I did what he told me to do. I was so ready and determined. Since I have stopped my brother is so proud of me. I always thought it didn’t bother her and for the first time in my life, my dentist said I didn’t need my teeth cleaned. I washed all my clothes and got my jackets dry cleaned. I have been putting my cigarette money away— £50 a week and I have painted my house. I just can't believe how stupid I’ve been and what a waste of money. I have more energy and money, and my health is good. I can't believe I am no ex-smoker due to Andy’s help. The guys deserve a medal!"


Lorraine Bennet

Quit Cigarettes in One session after 40 years of Smoking

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