Why people see me for Hypnotherapy, Edinburgh

Updated: May 8

The reason why people travel to see me for Hypnotherapy, Edinburgh is that I specialize in treating addictions, mainly Alcohol, food issues and Cocaine. The premise being that when you are in pain you seek out a Specialist, for example, if you have a sore tooth you don't go to your GP but rather you go to your Dentist as that is what they are an expert in treating.

I have been helping people overcome addictions since 2000 and started to incorporate Hypnotherapy in 2008 as I found hypnosis to be very effective in embedding the changes and new behaviours my clients were getting. Also, I found doing hypnotic age regression extremely powerful by taking my client back to their childhood when maybe they had suffered trauma or abuse which in turn caused the addictive behaviour. I would say in my experience a lot of people who suffer from addictions have had bad childhoods, so it makes sense to me to use Hypnotherapy regression techniques to help them make peace with their past.

Now when people come off drugs, binge-eating or alcohol they can suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, depression, low self-esteem and even physical pain, so I had to learn quickly how to treat those symptoms too! The good thing is that if I can help a recovering addict going into meltdown suffering from acute anxiety due to cravings and withdrawal, I usually find it quite simple in helping " normal people" :)

Here in Edinburgh, by being able to help people through Hypnosis get their lives back from addiction, I have by default become pretty good at treating anxiety and something I never thought I would do, pain management. But as they say, all roads lead to Rome and a pain receptor whether it's emotional or physical still produces a signal that the body and mind are not in balance. By applying some new updated techniques from Hypnotherapy which is based on NeuroScience, rather than going deeper, we go wider. What I mean by this is that everybody thinks that when we do Hypnosis we say " deeper, deeper" when the latest findings suggest that when go "wider, wider " our brain associates spatial awareness with safety and peace. This new approach has helped many of the people I treat especially when it comes to Pain Management and anxiety. A game-changer if you like.

Another reason that people, specifically come to see me here in Edinburgh, UK, is that I am one of the few people that treats Snus Addiction mainly through the use of Hypnotherapy. Snus Addiction is rampant in professional football, and I am getting more and more footballers coming to see me here in sunny Edinburgh as far away as London, so it's good that I am based only a 12-minute drive from Edinburgh Airport!

Again from treating Snus Addiction, once the footballer has recovered from his problem I usually find they want to keep seeing me for Hypnotherapy for more positive things like mindset and high performance. If anyone knows me, they will find this rather amusing as when it comes to football I have two left feet! But when it comes to applying Hypnosis, this does not matter at all, as Hypnotherapy is all about utilizing the client's resources and skills, not mine.

The point I am trying to put across in this article is that there are many, many Hypnotherapists in Edinburgh and I am sure most of them are highly skilled and lovely people. My point is that once you have been hypnotized, what protocols and knowledge are they applying? I never see people for treating Phobias or fear of flying because I have never had a Phobia and don't mind flying, especially if it is to somewhere warmer than Edinburgh, so I find it personally hard to relate and empathise with someone with a fear of flying or a Phobia, so I always refer it on to another Hypnotherapist in the Edinburgh area. I have found when I stick to something I know and have a genuine interest that I study a lot to make sure I am the best Hypnotherapist I can be for my clients and in turn they get the results the are looking for, quickly and elegantly.

I hope you have found this article useful and if you or someone you know is suffering from an addiction, anxiety or pain and are based in the Edinburgh area and are looking for Hypnotherapy Edinburgh, I'm a hypnotherapist who specialises in treating those afflictions, please reach out to me on

andy@andymacarthur.com. I offer a free phone consult where even on the call, I am confident you will go away feeling better than you did!

Andy MacArthur is a Clinical Hypnotherapist based in Edinburgh, Scotland who helps people get their lives back after suffering from Addiction, anxiety or pain.


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