Want a beautiful mind? Get curious!

Updated: May 9

This is where it's at! Get curious because it can drastically change your life for good. I know that by starting to be curious, my life got very good, very quickly. Instead of trying to be confident, I started instead to be curious...very curious. I actually now call curiosity "The C-word" to my clients who come to me wanting to be hypnotised to be confident. I first explain to them that you cannot start off by being confident as confidence is an end result. The only way to become confident is by doing something again and again and only then will you be confident of the outcome.

By adopting an attitude of deep curiosity, you can start to explore just how far you go in your personal, business and spiritual life without any fear of failure as when we get curious, we tap into our subconscious resources as your subconscious loves curiosity and being playful,(read my blog on playing games)and things start happening because well, you start! Getting started and taking action is everything when it comes to creating a beautiful mind. But don't take my word for it.

Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, Leonardo DaVinci, Mother Teresa, Oscar Wilde, Eleanor Roosevelt, Descartes all used the state of curiosity to achieve what they did, so for once I am in very good company! In fact, Albert Einstein stated that curiosity was the greatest power in the Universe and he certainly knew a few things about how things work!

When I started to be curious about the things in my life, whether it was to do with relationships, passing exams or just getting my life in order, the things in my life started to change for the better as there was no pressure about failing as I was only being curious to find out how far in my life I could go. So, don't wait to be confident as it will be a very long wait, be curious instead and notice what happens. Good things I'm sure and of that I am confident!

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