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Updated: May 22

Age regression Hypnotherapy

This year, my approach is changing even more. As I have been taught, all we are is change and the only constant thing in our lives is change, so it is best we embrace it. Over the last few months, I have been doing more age regression work either through Hypnosis or NLP. The reason why? I am getting better results that last. The penny really dropped when I was getting trained in a new approach to stop smoking hypnotherapy, which is getting fantastic results in the USA. Matt Damon is raving about it, now that he is a non-smoker and it only took one session!

This new approach which was brought to my attention by the great Graeme Harvey, uses a lot of age regression, taking the client back to the first time they ever smoked. Then, using the wisdom of hindsight we have now in the present day, we negotiate with our younger self under deep hypnosis. As we say in NLP, it is never too late to have a good childhood! The success rate I now achieve with smoking cessation has surged. This has now led me to use this powerful, safe technique to other parts of my work such as stress and weight loss. Weight loss has always been a challenging area, as most people want a quick fix or you to do the work for them. Through years of working with weight loss clients on a daily basis, I now realise the weight gain is down to a lack of self-esteem caused usually by a significant event.

Now through age regression hypnosis, we can go back to the event in our lives that have caused weight gain, low self-esteem, PTSD, anxiety and use the wisdom we now have and make right the past. By going back to make right, we can now go forward and have a fantastic life worth living! Andy x

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