Can Hypnotherapy cure chocolate addiction?

Updated: May 22

As a Hypnotherapist sharing with you what is happening in my world, I thought I would share with you how quickly a change could take place. During the summer, I had this lovely lady come round and she wrote a wonderful testimonial. after just one session! …

“My name is Gail and I am a chocoholic…well, I was!  I have not gone a day without chocolate since I was at school until I had a session with Andy. That was over eight months ago and I have not touched it since.  I can’t even put a cappuccino to my mouth as the smell of chocolate makes me sick. The highest recommendation I can think of is going back myself for another session but this time to stop smoking.” - Gail Scott. The time it took from being to a chocoholic to detesting chocolate was just ten minutes – the remainder of the session was spent convincing the lovely Gail that the change had taken place and that the change was for good!! This is your opportunity to understand that significant change need not take very long at all using the power of hypnosis and the highly effective techniques of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

What I did with Gail was to find out what she hated and use it as a very strong aversion technique. I call it the "Yuk Anchor", which is a supercharged version of the NLP Anchoring technique. Now, Gail is a very strong-minded person and there is not much that put's her off, so we had to get extreme in our approach as normally I would for some kind of food that the client hates such as tripe, liver, etc. This didn't cut the mustard with Gail, however, I discovered that she hated and I mean hated toenails, especially when she imagined the toenail clippings of old men!

So, when I got her to associate chocolate with old men's toes and her favourite brand of chocolate her love for chocolate! In fact, to this day, Gail cannot even drink a Cappuccino because of the cocoa powder on the top of it!

The "Yuk Anchor" is based on the findings of the legendary Psychologist Ivan Pavlov, the founder of modern behaviour therapy and who discovered Classical Conditioning through feeding his dogs, who were Spaniels, by the way, fresh mince and every time he did, he rang a bell which anchored the response meaning the Spaniels associated the ringing of a bell with being fed mince. One day he rang the bell by he did not feed the dogs but they still salivated and Anchoring was born!

Anchoring is a natural phenomenon and we encounter them all the time in our daily lives. Think about it, when we are driving and we see a red light, we automatically put our foot on the brake pedal and if they are traffic lights we immediately stop.No thought required thank goodness! So in NLP and Hypnotherapy, we apply what happens naturally and use it in the treatment of addictions like Alcoholism, check out Richard Gray's fantastic Brooklyn Program, and even Chocolate addiction, which is a thing, believe me!

So, in answer to the question, "Can Hypnotherapy cure chocolate addiction", the answer is yes, with the right protocol, as in this case, NLP Anchoring. You see without the correct protocol, Hypnosis is just relaxation.

Andy MacArthur is a Hypnotherapist/NLP Coach based in sunny Edinburgh. If you are interested in Hypnotherapy Edinburgh, his website is and he would be delighted to hear from you!



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