Areas of Expertise

Therapy Edinburgh

The Therapy that Andy can help you with combines a proven blend of Hypnotherapy, NLP and the latest techniques from Neuro-Science that are great in achieving change and lasting results from Addictions, Anxiety, and Trauma.


Andy delivers it all in a friendly, caring style using the best techniques he has discovered in helping hundreds of clients over the years he has been practicing.


Even after the first session, you can expect noticeable results as the Therapy is simple and very effective and is actually the same therapy that Health Professionals in the Armed Services use to treat PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Hypnotherapy Edinburgh

Hypnotherapy is Andy's go-to Therapy when you have tried everything else such as CBT, medication, Counselling, etc and nothing seems to work.

Hypnotherapy is different as it gets to the root cause of the problem at a subconscious level where most of our problems originate. With Andy's extensive experience working with hundreds of clients over many years, he can help you experience long-lasting results from hard to treat conditions such as Addictions, Anxiety, and Trauma.

Addiction Therapy and Services Edinburgh

This is Andy's area of expertise as he has been involved in treating and helping people who are suffering from Addictions especially Cocaine and Alcohol for over 20 years. The service he provides has been designed for when you have tried AA and NA/CA and found it's not for you, don't want to go to Rehab but need a real, proven solution to achieve long term recovery from Cocaine and Alcohol Addiction delivered for you in a tailored, confidential package specifically around your needs and lifestyle.

My Approach

"My approach has been described as a blend of enthusiasm, pragmatism, and warmth with no judgment, as I have been in the Client's chair myself in the past as I experienced a lot of trauma, anxiety and addictive behaviours due to a challenging childhood, so I treat my clients how I like to be treated. This is key to my approach... seeing it from my client's perspective. Everything I offer to his clients, whether it be a technique, protocol and advice all come from a place of hard-won experience as I know they work because I have benefited greatly from them in my own life."


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